Battered Woman Syndrome

Battered Woman Syndrome

Battered Woman Syndrome



Serious, long term domestic abuse is able to lead to a psychological disorder called battered female syndrome. Battered female syndrome, and that is from time to time known as battered wife syndrome, is regarded as a subcategory of post traumatic strain condition (PTSD).


With battered female syndrome, a female might create a learned helplessness that leads to her to think she deserves the abuse which she cannot escape from it. In cases that are many, it is why females do not report the abuse of theirs to police or stay away from telling family and friends what is truly going on.


Battered female syndrome is serious, which is the reason it is taken into consideration in homicide cases when females murder their abusive associates.



You will find four stages that females who develop battered female syndrome typically go through:


Denial: The female struggles to admit that she is being abused, or maybe she justifies it as “just becoming that once.”

Guilt: She thinks she’s caused the abuse.

Enlightenment: In this stage, she realizes she did not deserve the abuse and also acknowledges that her partner comes with an abusive personality.

Responsibility: She accepts that just the abuser has responsibility. In cases that are many, this’s when she will attempt to escape the relationship.

Several females in abusive relationships never make it past the first two or maybe three phases, as domestic violence could be deadly.


Just how does it acquire?

Battered female syndrome is due to sustained and severe domestic abuse.


Domestic abuse generally follows an incredibly predictable cycle, as follows:


The abuser is going to win over the brand new partner, frequently moving immediately into a relationship with strategies like “love bombing,” grand romantic gestures, along with pressuring for commitment first.

The abuser is going to be physically or emotionally abusive. This usually begins small, such as a slap rather than a punch, or pounding the wall next to the partner of theirs.

The abuser is going to feel guilty, swearing they will never get it done once again, and also be overtly romantic to succeed in their partner over.

There’ll be a short-term “honeymoon” period, the place that the abuser is on the best behavior of theirs, luring the partner of theirs into thinking that they are safe and things truly will be changed.

Abuse happens, putting up the cycle all once again.

Women get caught in abusive relationships for reasons that are many, which may include:


financial dependency on the abuser, and that is usually constructed by the abuser

wanting to have a complete household unit for their kid’s sake

being scared to leave

denial or disbelief that the partner is really abusive

serious depression or even low self-esteem which makes them believe that the abuse is the fault of theirs

believing that in case the abuser likes them, it is okay, and they is able to alter the actions As a female gets caught in the cycle of misuse, battered female syndrome could develop. This syndrome makes it hard for females to regain control.


 What exactly are the symptoms?

Battered female syndrome leads to several distinct symptoms. A woman within an abusive relationship may:


think the abuse is the fault of her

hide the abuse from family and friends

fear for the life of her or the lives of the children of her

irrationally think that the abuser is all knowing and certainly will see her every movement

be scared and never understand what side of the partner of theirs they will find the morning – a loving partner or maybe an abuser In case you are worried about a relative or maybe friend, watch for many essential signs which can mean she is in an abusive relationship and additionally needs assistance. These include:


making and withdrawing excuses to not see family or friends or even do things they previously did (this could be a thing the abuser is controlling)

seeming anxious around the partner of theirs or even afraid of their partner

having frequent injuries or bruises they lie about or cannot explain

having access that is limited to cash, credit cards, or even an automobile

showing a serious impact on personality

getting regular calls from a major additional, especially calls that want them to check in or that make them appear to be anxious

working with a partner who’s got a temper, is easily jealous, or maybe quite possessive Pay interest to these indicators. You must also enjoy for clothes which may be concealing bruises, like long sleeve shirts in the summer months.


Long-Term and short-term side effects Several severe side effects are connected with battered female syndrome.


Short-term side effects which could be seen immediately include:



decreased self-esteem

damaged interactions with family and friends

serious anxiety

feeling useless or even hopeless

feeling like they’ve no control Research indicates that battered domestic abuse and woman syndrome is able to lead to long-term health consequences which can last for decades. Long-term consequences are able to include:


PTSD-like symptoms, dissociative states, including flashbacks, and aggressive outbursts against the abuser

health issues due to anxiety, like high blood pressure and related cardiac problems

health problems from the actual physical abuse, like damaged arthritis or joints

chronic back headaches or pain

increased risk of acquiring diabetes, depression, asthma, and immune dysfunction because of long term stress



The initial step in treating battered female syndrome is usually to get the woman to a secure place away from the abuser of her. She is not safe until she does the. Form a safety plan along with a getaway program without the abuser. It is also great to have a doctor examine some accidents which might are sustained within the abuse.


A therapist with expertise in domestic abuse or PTSD needs to be consulted. The therapist needs to validate the target when the target is detailing the misuse. The therapist must help her to see it wasn’t the fault of her. They need to facilitate empowerment.


The therapist should also evaluate for various other mental health conditions and things which might have contributed to the female not recognizing the abusive connection within the first stages.


Depression and anxiety is able to be the outcome of battered woman syndrome. The therapist is going to use a blend of anti anxiety medicines, antidepressant drugs, and conversation therapy to assist the female regain control of the life of her.



In several instances, the psychologist might suggest interpersonal therapy, exactly where they assist the female create stronger relationships with the support system of her. These supportive relationships might have been destroyed because of isolation brought on by the abuse.

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