Women Power

Women Power

Raja Easa Al Gurg

Dubai primarily based Renuka Jagtiani who placed at number two on the summary, is the chairwoman as well as CEO on the Landmark Group, a multinational full price as well as customer conglomerate primarily based in Dubai and created by the husband of her, billionaire Micky Jagtiani. For over twenty years, she’s led the company’s business expansion and strategy into new markets. At present, the group works more than 2,300 outlets, encompassing more than thirty million square feet across twenty two countries. Jagtiani has set up the e commerce platform and then driven the group’s CSR initiatives.

In case there was glass ceilings being smashed, these’re the titans which first smashed them.

Emiratis are most common nationality with twenty three entries. There will also be 9 Egyptians, 8 Lebanese as well as 8 Omani females. British females hold the greatest representation among non Arabs, with 7 entries.

The list was built via nominations and also through in depth investigation based on conditions like the dimensions of the companies that these females top, their accomplishments during the last season, the initiatives they champion, and also the overall work experience of theirs.

self made females The majority (seventy nine) of the hundred females are self-made, sixteen of whom have began their very own companies. And twenty one females work in their family business organizations, with a lot of them getting started when it was uncommon to find females in your office. You will find twenty one females from the banking and monetary services industry, which includes 4 from financial regulators and stock exchanges.

Or maybe Sarah Al Suhaimi who seats Tadawul, the region’s main stock exchange, which lately handled the IPO on the planet’s best company, Aramco.

Large corporates Half on the show top big companies, like Nadia Al Saeed, whom operates Jordan’s fourth greatest lender, Bank al Etihad, as well as Pakinam Kafafi, CEO of Egyptian power business, Taqa Arabia, who’s the one female leader in the engine oil and gas market on the list of ours.

The Middle East’s great female leadership was shown internationally in 2019 when Forbes’ summary of the World’s hundred Most Powerful females featured 3 women from this particular area – who today constitute our top 3.

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