Lionela Todirean – Homegrown.ae

RoYa initiative organized by Dubai Business Women Council is a paradox. It shouldn’t exist. What organization offers free real time 360 degrees approach workshops for aspiring women entrepreneurs in the UAE? Well , none.
I received qualified training starting with business coaching, to legal advice to financial planning to networking and so on. If you are serious about starting your own business, RoYa is the place to begin.
La vogue du remariage  Robe De Mariée
Le remariage, c’est tendance. Si Madonna, toujours provocatrice, a déclaré fin 2009 qu’elle préfèrerait « se faire écraser par un train que de se remarier », beaucoup de célébrités y ont par contre succombé récemment : Harrison Ford, Mariah Carey, Laurence Ferrari. Un phénomène qui concerne aussi monsieur et madame tout le monde : sur la totalité des personnes qui se disent Oui chaque année, 20% en sont à leur deuxième tentative matrimoniale. Des « jeunes » remariés qui ont en moyenne 44 ans et 8 mois pour les femmes et 48 ans et 3 mois pour les hommes.
Sources : Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques (INSEE).

Clare Woodcraft-Scott – Chief Executive Officer Emirates Foundation

As a judge, what I am looking for is a business idea or start up that is distinct from the competition, responds to a specific gap in the market and is potentially as well as commercially viable and scalable.
There are specific judging parameters but broadly I am looking at the entrepreneurial skills and competences of the founder, a unique idea that can compete effectively and sufficient commercial acumen to be able to put together a viable business plan that has financial projections in addition to broad based plans around marketing, distribution and product development.

Julie B. McCombe – Founder at Revere Brands

Having completed the Ro’Ya programme, I can reflect and see just how valuable the learning curve has been. I started the programme with just an idea and have come out the other side with a profitable business model, a fantastic network of contacts and the confidence to achieve my business goals.
The sessions were relevant, informative and well-structured but for me, the instructors and mentors themselves were the added value. They were motivational and engaging yet regularly challenged us, forcing us to truly analyse our ideas from all angles and assess their true potential.
Ro’Ya provides the perfect opportunity for like-minded entrepreneurs to network, learn and grow. I would urge any woman with a business idea or interest in setting up a business to take part, you can only gain from this fantastic initiative.

Barry Lee Cummings – Maximum Net Gain & Beat The Cyberbully

To be invited to be a part of the Ro’Ya program was an honour and a pleasure. Being in that room at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (beautiful view but the way) with all those ladies at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey was a real privilege. The passion and drive of the entire room really was contagious and it was humbling to be considered an ‘expert’ on the panel.
I personally think this initiative is a fantastic support to the entrepreneurial community. I wish I would have had the opportunity to partake in something like this when I started out, the guidance and direction provided through the program, is literally priceless when you are starting your own business.
Keep up the great work and look forward to being involved again in the future.

Adham Bashir – deVere Acuma

The energy in the room was absolutely electric, inspiring really. I have since been contacted by a few of the lucky participants who want to learn a little but more about business protection. Every time I speak with one of them I hear the same thing; they are really sad that it is over!
My fellow panelists were top drawer, I was honored to share the stage with them.
I would do it again at the drop of a hat, if invited of course.

Shirley A. D’Souza – CLoveBuy.com

When I joined Roya with timid expectations, I only had a vague idea of my business plan. Half way in I have gained bucket loads of confidence and clarify in my venture.
Roya has been the place which not only has helped birth the name of my business but given it direction and clear objectives within a safe womb like environment.
It has stirred me in the right path to reach my goal and by the time of Roya event is over in November my company will be an established one thanks to the main ingredient Roya gives us woman out there “the fire & knowledge to succeed and above all belief in oneself”

Red Broad – Redlegacy

Ro’ya is not only an encouraging platform to develop your business, it’s the perfect storm of support and encouragement to fuel your passion, so you can focus your energy on the correct steps personally to be more professional about your dream.
I have yet to change a lot of my attributes and attitudes to have a successful business, I am happy to have been able to dissect myself in order to better place myself in my market and sing the right song to the right crowd.
I will always grateful to have shared my dream with Ro’ya and met some truly enthusiastic and caring people who has time for everyone.
I wish Ro’ya all the best and hope to continue to support this great venture in investing in people and helping them build dreams. I hope to carry the patience and grace into my business and to pass it forward.

Tena Pick – The Sustainability Platform

Being a part of Ro’Ya has been extremely satisfying, both on a professional and on a personal level. The participants have grown immensely during the program and their energy and commitment was contagious. It is inspiring to see how many women from all walks of life are pursuing their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs and I cannot wait to see where this road takes them. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of something so special!

Samantha Dancy – Footstep Communications

I was honoured to be involved in the Ro’Ya programme; to spend a morning with ladies who were so creative and motivated was truly inspiring and I’m sure the judges will have a tough call picking a winner! I wish them all the best of luck weddingdressonlineshop

Naomh McElhatton – RUA Digital

Having been a start up 5 years ago I know what the hurdles and pain points are to get a business idea of the ground. I was honoured to sit on the advisory panel, to share my insight on how to give their business a route to market.
The RoYa initiative is a fantastic program to get involved in and I am so excited to see who the winner is!

Ibrahim Jaber – VentureFin

It was a fantastic experience working with Ro’Ya team as it was a learning experience for us along with the contestants. Their progress has been phenomenal throughout the past months and VentureFin is really excited in helping the winners reach their utmost potential during the accelerator. I truly recommend aspiring female entrepreneurs to join the program next year.


Having a very academic background, the biggest challenge for me to become an entrepreneur is to integrate business mindset and marketing culture. Ro’Ya offers to me concise core knowledge and awareness of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur; what is my communication style and how I have to be ready to “pivot” while remaining opened to any unexpected opportunities. I was made convinced that the fundamental key to success is to bring solutions to existing problems of my target customers. The hardest thing for me is to find people to interview… and for that, Maria and the ladies participant in this programme have been genuinely supportive. All the professional coaches and speakers are highly expert in the matter and I’ve learned so much in such a short time. The hands-on experience I get in participating in Ro’Ya 2015 is truly a valuable exercise on my path to become a successful entrepreneur.balklänningar online This is one of our best collections yet and we are very proud of this years formal dress collection!

Reem Habib – Beiti

Ro’ya is an enlightening experience that allowed me to turn an idea into a solid project by building the right business plan.
The step by step informative approach of the program built confidence in myself and opened my eyes to the variety of issues and paths related to customers and sales among others.
Ro’ya provides an excellent exposure to professionals, through lectures, discussions and continuous advice. In addition, Ro’ya creates an amazingly healthy competitive environment where I met beautiful, inspiring women.


I am very grateful I had the chance to attend the Ro’Ya workshops. Working with the mentors, guest speakers and my fellow students was great and encouraging.
On the first day, I did not know what to expect and did not know anything of running a business professionally. The workshops have developed me into a more dynamic business woman
Roya has empowered me to strengthen my vision and direction of my business so that I can move forward building my brand with confidence and clarity.